BACKLIGHT Every chance in life has an end result.Right actions produces winners, when kenyans went to poll on august the ninth they exercised their democratic right as engraved in our constitution 2010, they elected leaders in various levels all the way to the president, now that aside by now we have winners and losers asContinue reading


A critical role in our daily dealings in life inquisitiveness and curiosity runs in tandem with my thoughts and lurking compulsions. The political font is amorphous, with a weakened civil society, the judiciary, and the police, a rogue parliament, and an apathetic electorate. Millennials have a singular task of leading the charge in shouldering, notContinue reading “ONE GOING TO ZERO”


From time immemorial winners have come from losers who learnt the art of failing and substituted it with the winning mentality formulae, a formulae so simple but very difficult to implement. The best fish, most delicious is difficult and rare to catch,not any ordinary fisherman can catch this clever,intelligent fish,it needs skills resilience,time, discipline,and consistency,andContinue reading “TRUST YOU”


A CANDID DISCUSSION. It is almost another season, should we say so, well,if we were in the tropics we could call it summer, summer time is so crucial,it when you have to learn to nourish and to protect what you have, defend ourselves against our enemies, our enemies in this case are those who wantContinue reading “A CANDID DISCUSSION.”


When the ground within us shakes we crave for stability, when heavens open up and rains pour down we quickly run for shelter,when life presents us with vague flashes of possibilities we run for masterly, it’s more instinctive than anything, could it be that we are blinded,or still in the dark,that when released we runContinue reading “RISE AND SHINE”


The human heart loves doing good to others it offers comfort that goes far beyond imagination, when you exercise gratitude,or compassion or just being involved in something good,your body responds almost simultaneously, thus igniting the chemical messengers in our brain and as a result influencing social behaviour and emotions, on the contrary there are thoseContinue reading “INFLUENCE BEYOND AFFLUENCE.”


Today I choose, to win for the simple reason 🇰🇪 won, our athletes went out of their way and proved to the world once again showing their supremacy that nothing is impossible If you believe in yourself. Kenya emerged top again, team Kenya finished first In the whole of Africa and ranked 19th worldwide, withContinue reading “TRUST THE PROCESS”