When the ground within us shakes we crave for stability, when heavens open up and rains pour down we quickly run for shelter,when life presents us with vague flashes of possibilities we run for masterly, it’s more instinctive than anything, could it be that we are blinded,or still in the dark,that when released we run like moths to where there is light , a light that is leading us astray ,or out of the dark tunnel, or is it that which doesn’t have our interest at heart,or could it be that we are worried about protecting and maintaing an acceptable image for the entire world, forgetting to build something internally that is worth more protecting and jealousy guarding,what if it is shaken and brought to rubbles, destroying the very foundations,the fibre that holds us back,what if it washes the limits of yesterday’s of today as we evolve and yearn do something more, from the authentic self. What if with those flashes of possibilities not master, not yet, but deep inside you there is a willingness to be the fool,a willingness that is not an unfortunate dead end but, the beginning,of a new journey, Jordan peters, says and I quote”if you are not willing to be a fool, you cannot be a master ,in a cycle that is self discovery, which is growth ,we have at some point stepped into the arena that is foreign to us,a unfamiliar territory, that we do not quite understand,it is a whole new experience, you know what,we must be more than willing to operate with inadequate resources trusting that they would be picked along the way, to many that might seem alot to take in, fearing that others are going to have knowledge in school in companies that you won’t, so doing exemplary too well, but a negative lies sparks up in your mind,this forces you to inject yourself into the bottom of some hierarchy with nothing more but aspirations, you must be willing to be a fool at all times,that willingness is your vheicle and what is clear is that , everyone wants the moon, but very few people have the courage to start constructing that spacia, very few have the courage to be the student and settle to follow, they become followers,to have that inclination, you need alot more,read more learn by seeing with your eyes and with your mind, but we cannot snap our fingers magically beyond our way when we can’t leap past and try to fly, wondering into the unknown empty space,the reality is we have to fight to scrap to attain that sense of belonging. Just talking about it brings us back to the obstacles that we all face every day we must be willing to take the risks, of course the stakes are higher.Always fight for relevancy especially in an area which you want to excel,pre-destined to an area you know nothing about, articulate this battle,baring in mind that it is you who want the change and of course you will be like an imposter and guess what, you really are,you have to be,you ultimately feel worse if you don’t do it, that is an imposter syndrome,you are a stranger in your own body, it’s not wrong , it’s just a beginning, it’s just like jumping in a cold pool,it feels uncomfortable at first but things will normalise ,you become comfortable with time, what is the other option,to fear that minute of painful experience of discomfort and never jump in, it’s the painful truth we have to tell ourselves, we have to have that courage, overcoming the adversaries pushing far beyond that fear of starting and taking your limited understanding and bringing it to the base of that huge mountain, the new Goliath, and now looking up with that confidence of David and the question is are you willing to be foolish enough to do it again and again and again,and breaking through that fear knowing pretty well that stumbling around for a period of time does not kill you,it is the inability to show weakness or appear vulnerable that ships away and it is a chance for a lifetime,immerse yourself in that cycle of mastering,start at the bottom and ascend slowly and when you approach the top separate yourself and find another ceiling to change,reap and plant a seed,play the role of a fool again ,this a formulae of growth, success, prosperity,for performance ,this is the pathway that leads you to be a substance of quality,you take in,you embrace it,you swallow your pride and move towards the tomorrow that exceeds today,reality changes your perception, perception that changes the company you keep,you start realising that what surrounds you is made by people who share a common goal and beliefs ,who are willing to fail and fail often. The world is devised by those who put their pride on hold,by those who humble enough to crawl into the unknown long before they want any title or championship medal, they must first play a fool.I often ask myself what differentiates those who wish for better outcome and those who do something about it.What separates the dreaming from the progress and wishing from the reality,life is complex there are alot of moving parts that you need to understand,I think the element is simple, those who build things in life are willing to,not only see the reality which hasn’t materialised, but they also understand too well that in a world of No! they have to be the yes! they have to believe in the ability to drive through the finish line where no one else sees, meaning cannot come to fruition without that discomfort that comes with it,one must be ready to experience chaos,for one to give birth to a dancing star,and that is just that.Most people conform to what they do not create,to change something means you have to be that meterphorical eagle amongst pigeons, flying high above all the rest, everything, everyone else superseding all the limiting beliefs that shackle others to the wondermentional reality,but most importantly you can see it,you have the ability to see what others don’t,you have the cut above the rest,a line towards where no one else understands,this world no one walks up to you on the streets,puts an arm around you and says, keep that dream and follow that,you are going to do big and greater things,no one says, hey, that business idea is huge,you are going to thrive,that relationship is going to work,that level of fitness you have it already,NO! there is alot of sinism, people only see what is Infront of them,but as it pertains to you and your world, your life, your future, people are the pigeons that leave you with a tough choice that you have to make,now do you bow down and blend with their scrap, which they offer you to consume,do you go for the crumbs laid Infront of you, or do you take that bold step back and say whatever the case,I’m not submitting acknowledging the fact that it is going to be tough,it is going to hurt, there is alot of repetition to be done,be prepared be ready for a rigorous process,it is going to push you further back as a person than I you ever imagined, there will be constant set backs,one hurdle after the other,tough choices to choose from,

,But deep in your consciousness you know too well you have to fly above this crowd,far above those who don’t wait in the line,now you become the main attraction, transforming that in what would be to the world.We say we want greatness,but greatness in any area of life is reserved for those who are willing to carry forward when most return back. To build a bridge to something greater is scarry, anything can go wrong,most people pull their bridges out, leaving you and your bridge not connected to anything,the world seems fallen apart completely,it looks like is a waste of time,trivial, irrational, it’s okey, it’s fine, changing your life in a world around you has to be irrational, paying no attention to the status quo , allowing yourself to opt for the landscape it’s irrational,but through the wavelength of irrationality comes a clear view,so from when you see the whole world is against you,when you have an uphill battle to climb,when there are a million reasons for you ,to turn around,just understand that this is nothing more than a clear indicator that you are right where you have wanted to be, against all odds, bringing something new to life for it already exists, changing your life makes you an architect of the unseen,so build when you want to be, build on the days you are not supposed to,build on the days you don’t build,when they understand keep building,even when they assume you,when they say you have lost your mind, its not easy but it is worthy it,you are doing better than you were before, keep moving, keep grinding,there is light at the end of each tunnel, believe trust your intuition , better is yet to come

, as small as the ants maybe ,they are more organized,more focused,they know too well about seasons,they work as a team,they are resilient, every one of its member is as valuable as the other, but they have no commander.

African proverb.

When you reach the mountain top,the breeze is so satisfying,the mingling with nature’s satisfaction,the energy,the effort,the discipline,and the love that you shared on the way is distinctive, and serene it raises you near your higher power.

Remember,when you reach the mountain top, to be a fool, reach down touch one lift him/ her up,teach them the process,when you know the process you will not falter, always remember,who you are,the secret between successful people and unsuccessful people isn’t, rocket science,each one of them has been given 24hrs a day, but the difference is how you decide to use your time, listen to valuable and invaluable speech,read valuable and invaluable books, do alot with listening,when you learn by listening you become a great student,after having done all this,then you come up with your own conclusions, which is your personal philosophy, which you have mastered too well,and that is when, only when the work recognises the real you,for real recognises real.

Allan Namisi,the real authentic me.

You are your worst enemy,learn to love yourself first,the rest will come automatically.

you can never find happiness outside yourself, you choose what meaning you give to life,hapiness is the most expensive and very elusive commodity that majority dont have.


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