A critical role in our daily dealings in life inquisitiveness and curiosity runs in tandem with my thoughts and lurking compulsions. The political font is amorphous, with a weakened civil society, the judiciary, and the police, a rogue parliament, and an apathetic electorate.

Millennials have a singular task of leading the charge in shouldering, not only the largest debt already running into trillions of money but a staunch desire to free themselves from the prison of the past, these staggering figures of debt is more than any other loan serviced by any other Kenyan generation since independence, we have to defend our civil society, educate our electorates to make better choices of leaders across the board, revive our crumbled economy before generation Z takes over the button.

Kenya is at crossroads grappling with a present too complex to talk about, the future is not only scary but bleak to say the least, not unless millennials rise up to the occasion and show up to duty with due diligence, are resilient enough, self-belief, honesty, and self-determination, they indeed are the game changers


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