This is you day , the time you wake up that is your morning, this is all to do with you, it is all for you,this is the rael auntentic you,you will never regret how much it costed you, the price that you had to pay,but you will rejoice for it was wise taking a risk.

The billionaire and the begger have one thing in common, each is accorded equall time under planet earth,each is entitled to 24hrs a day, but that which differentiates the two is how they manage and use their time , very very crucial.In life you will come to realise that risking is part and parcel of life ,nothing is cosy as it may seem to be,you got to find your own unique path, dont do ordinary things , leave ordinary things to ordinary people ,go for extra ordinary things.

life is tough , real tough so to speak,but for you to make it through you got to thicken your skin ,your attitude and mentality , be the meterphorical eagle that cannot fly with any other bird in its space except a fellow eagle,it is not going to e easy ,quitting isn’t entertained the other better option is to continue keeping your head and staying focused and keep grinding ,rise up after each fall,baring in mind that you are on course to reclaim your throne, you are their new replacement and when you can see it it will be a matter of putting one foot after the other as you approach the finish line.

Lack is not bought for your information lack is made succes in whatever field that you choose to delve your all into something that you are passionate about ,working with your heart and soul,relentless,even when their is no one to clap or cheer you on,never mind , becouse those that mind do not matter and those who care don’t mind,it is a process it’s not a one day thing so keep on gringing ,keep minding your business.

In your day today interactions ,you cannot claim to be the fastest man on planet earth if you don’t get into the field and compete,in a game as long as there is time in the game ,and if you are playing in the game there is a big possibility that you can win the game,success is not in a name, success is realised when hard work meets the preliquiste of a common man, some of us achieve greatness, some of us are born great but some of us are entrusted with greatness upon ourselves, when you constantly work on your dreams day in day out in the end when you emerge succesful and victorious on the other side many will say , that you were lucky.

If you carefully took your time and interrogated alot of accoplishments in the world,to your amazement you will discover that ninty nine percent of business ideas,SMS’, founders,scholars,creators,thinkers etc are those who dared to revolutionalise the world ,at one point they faced muliple failures , but their strength was deeply embeded in their failures and as a result they build a business empire, a brand, a product, a service, today is your day the world is calling on you millions are eagerly waiting,arise champion,you have no the luxury to look back, dont look in the darkness of your prison of the past, today is a new day , today is day one , i don’t care what they say, i don’t care what names they call me, this is the real me the auntentic me,there are no excuses, i have no one to blame ,iam taking full responsibility ,iam a champion , i can ,i must i will be a champion iam your new replacement, it’s time that i reclaimed my throne time is overdue,arise champion, arouse the beast in you,you are unstopable,you are limitles in this limited world why settle for less,why set yourself on the attainable the prize within an arms reach,why not think bigger our expectations are the firm foundations for our accomplishments.

Everyone deserves the best,even your personal best isn’t enough,you can still surpass that and exceed more,soar high above and set a bar,do not relinquish this perfect moment that seperates you from the world greatest,it is show time ,one thing that you cannot stop is being relentless,you’ve got to be determined ,you ought to remain hungry,you are a champion you have to fight for your territory it is yours,forget about seeking for attention but pay much attention

Life is tough and hard ladies and gentlemen ,take full responsibility for yourself, have self belief and carry with you the element of trust, ask yourself does life happen to you or does life happen for you.evrything happens for a season and a reason, this is your season,this is show time ,do not be negative,stop hanging around negative dysfunctional people,life is hard not until you get that passion of doing little simple actions repeatedly over time where trust is fundamental.

The world consists of all kinds of obstacles,the truth is they are there and will always be there,what is that painful experience that has ever happened to you,this experience was’t meant to hurt you, it was meant to discourage you,but it was meant to make you wiser,stronger,that difficult person that you faced was meant to teach you compassion,patience,forgiveness, constantly reminding you not to give in or give up,whatever you went through was to make you appreciate life more,the way we feel about everything in life is our life,the truth is that every humanbeing decides the way they are going to live their lives , becouse we decide what meaning we give to each and every moment in our lives, we do not decide what shows up,but we decide how we navigate over it,we do not choose the circumstances that we keep facing each day, but we deliberately decide how to react to each circumstance. There is no such thing as actual reality,there is only a perception of the reality,there is only a version of it ,if you think about anything,your version of it will be completely different with that of other people.

Two people can attend the same event right,speak to the same people,and eventually leave with totally absolute seperate thoughts ,now the question is ,did they like the people they spoke to? did they enjoy the event?it si out of their own individual interpretation, the meaning that people give is based on a life of conditioning,in life you have to absorb other peoples opinions, ideas , strategies ,critic them and after which you come up with your own conclusion, and it’s from your conclusion that you come up with your own personal philosphy which then becomes your compas.

I beieve in miracles, i believe today will be the greatest day in my life, i believe today will be magical, i believe in kindness ,i beleieve great people will come through in my life , i beleieve miracles are on the way, i believe in myself and the higher power, i believe that there is nothing that i cannot have , i dont believe in limitations , i believe iam limitless, i don’t believe in luck, i believe that luck comes after you have done the work and you’ve got the universe to deliver, i believe that is why i achieve, i believe therefore that everthing si possible ,i believe it si important to be fully aware of ourselves ,even if we fit in with other people , because when we are not truely ourselves it is impossible for us to be happy. arise sleeping champion , this is your moment ,your moment of truth, stop standing behind the curtains that seperates you from the stage ,what are you afraid of,iam fighting for my territory, i have come for my throne , i must, i will, iam a winner, iam your new replacement.


you got to differentiate content versus intent,intent does matter,it might be malicious desire to please.

some people feel the rain, other just get wet.

Bob Marley.


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