Everyone of us is inherent, let’s use the thorns we step on as pillars, as ladders that help us to reach out to others, when we combine, money, gratitude and compassion that really defines who we really are .

The human heart loves doing good to others it offers comfort that goes far beyond imagination, when you exercise gratitude,or compassion or just being involved in something good,your body responds almost simultaneously, thus igniting the chemical messengers in our brain and as a result influencing social behaviour and emotions, on the contrary there are those people who hate doing anything good to someone, they don’t feel remorseful whatsoever,it pains them when you succeed, they are very afraid to share the secret of their success take note of this kind of people they are sadists, they are quick to anger, provoked and get completely outraged out of no reason at all, they are selfish, anxious over nothing,note! they suffer as a result of stressing their bodies chemical hormones to counteract that which is affecting them ,as a result a hormone cortisol is released and it is associated with stress,a negative component to growth.

Always make sure you are aware,alert and awake, nobody rejoices when you make a breakthrough,a brother goes against his own brother,a friend after a close friend,but that is not reason enough to be a fraud going and moving forward,strive to reach for the stars as much as possible never give up until you get to your dreams reality, until you fulfill your purpose in life,strive to give your contribution,be relevant,let people remember not your name but your consideration,you went to the market,saw a need and offered a solution to that need,you are unique that is why they will not close their eyes until they put you down,but be wise like a sensible tree ,move from darkness to light,the light of your freedom, your past cannot make your future,your future starts today and right here ,right now.


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