Peoples opinions about you should not determine your destiny, you have It all within you,listen to your Inner voice.

Today I choose, to win for the simple reason πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ won, our athletes went out of their way and proved to the world once again showing their supremacy that nothing is impossible If you believe in yourself.

Kenya emerged top again, team Kenya finished first In the whole of Africa and ranked 19th worldwide, with a total of ten medals 4 gold, 4 Silver and 2 bronze,indeed it is a no mean achievement, congratulations are in order,to team Kenya for a well job done, overcoming all odds to deliver the promise as it is our tradition from time immemorial.

Allow me to separate facts from fiction, the Tokyo Olympics has a history in itself, first of all the event was marred by the corona virus pandemic prompting the world athletics governing body IAAF to postpone the games, the athletes had a very rough time, constantly faced with the dilemma of coming in terms with the virus ,where to train was critical, masks had to be won everytime ,their own safety was of concern, what about the time they had put into training, everyone was thrown off balance.Despite all this challenges they never gave up, they never lost focus,nor give in ,they remained optimistic and focused ,they were relentless and determined to follow the process for what they had a passion for.

At the start of the summer Olympics , the pandemic still threatened, at one point the world was worried If the Olympics will be a held or postponed as the pandemic dug even deeper, the pundits, the naysayers criticised the Organizers, they almost called of the games again, but their exemplary courage, sheer determination in the face of fear, they overcame all odds and made it a huge success, congratulation to the leadership of the athleteeic governing body IAAF president Sebastian Coe, for standing out and proving to the millions of olympic game lovers and the olympians in general,that nothing is impossible if you have determination,courage willpower and believing in the future.

Fast forward, Kenyan dominance in track and field is coming under serious threat, this is evidenced especially in the elusive 10000m, and 5000m,that we are slowly leaving it slip out of our hands, something urgent must needs to be done to reclaim our long lost glory ,and it is my hope that with experienced coaches that should be dealt with.Our mission was evident in the colours of our national flag, our vision to lead from the front, and off we went hunting for medals in the summer games, it wasn’t easy, we really waited with anticipation for our national anthem to be sang inside the famous Olympic stadium,the expectations were high all Kenya athlete enthusiasts glued to their screens,and when our patience was wearing thin, boom, came , that moment of glory,as our tradition we broke the jinx came our first Gold medal came courtesy of Emmanuel Korir in the famous 800m a feat kenyan has dominated over many decades, this race was witnessed by the world record holder himself David Lekuta Rudisha and he quicky twitted with pride and satisfaction that the hunt is officially on.

Greatness requires internal toughness,our women were exemplary they gave their best , congratulations to our superb women volleyball team , beach volleyball duo, the rugby men and ladies team, our boxers,the woman judoker, our swimming team and our Javelin king Julius yego,you put in a spirited fight though you lost but the lessons you brought back are success in themselves, since 1996 when our ladies bagged a medal, they have been exemplary, never looking back, faith kipyego for defending her olympic title after outclassing a strong field with a new Olympic record in 1500m in a new record of 3:53:11 ,history continued to dominate when our ladies delivered a gold and silver in the women marathon courtesy of peres Jephirchir and the reigning world record holder Brigid Kosgei who settled for a silver medal,making kenya to be the first country ever to win Gold and Silver in the marathon at the olympics.

When the world thought we were done, then came the mens marathon ,the man of the moment, that everyone was waiting for, the king of the road , the record holder, the limitless king Eliud Kipchoge, the first man to run a marathon under 2hrs 1:59:59,and indeed it was an icing on the cake as he beat a field of strong contenders some of whom couldn’t stand the merciless heat and humid summer weather in the Tokyo roads, by confidently defending his Olympic title, it makes him an icon in road racing,having won all 17 marathons having lost only 2, indeed no one is limited we are our own limitations.

The olympics gone, we continue Kenya continues making headlines ,our very own Rugby great maestro Humprey Khayange is appointed to the IOC board member for the first time ever, the success of team Kenya can be amplified by one underlying factor our hunger for success, where others have failed, courage,determination and resilience, our repetitive practises both from coaches ,athletes and the all NOCK fraternity , our team Kenya success exhibits etiquette, faith, disciplined traditions and social norms passed on to them by their predecessors that crystallise and make them who they are, when things seemed not to be working their clarion call was “team Kenya” a harbinger of the national team a common goal united with a common purpose to win.

Lastly it will not be fair if i do not mention this budding talent in the sprints, to be honest there was no way ,i couldn’t have forgotten this Kenyan Ferdinand Omanyala, who caused a stir at the olympics overcoming the world sprint giants, the likes of the jamaican Johann blake, putting his name in history books, as the first Kenyan to ever reach the semi final of the 100m dash and setting a new kenyan record of 10.00s,this guy is a star in the making, im sure the guys confused him, with guys from the Caribbean island , better is yet to come keep going bro, keep working , keep grinding, people love the product at the market but they fail to factor in and appreciate the process it has taken,as a Kenya I will never be ashamed to echo with courage to all disciplines that represented us at the Olympics,you are special, you guys are unique , history will remember you, i represented my country in the midst of a pandemic, where people millions succumbed to the deadly virus, faced with gripping fears of uncertainty,thanks everyone , thanks all kenyans of good will, to our embassy in Japan the reception was awesome,the maasai culture kept trending all for the good reasons, thank you our inlaws from Japan it goes without saying, thanks to the standard media group for your commendable coverage, team Kenya it takes faith and courage for moving from familiar grounds to unfamiliar territory miles away from home yet you trusted the process, team kenya has really taught us a lot, for you to win you have to trust in the process, you have to win in the mind,winners overcome all obstacles from their way,each gold, each silver,each bronze called for resilience,don’t complain about the problem create a solution instead,that is what winning is, trusting in the process ,as we shift gears to the paralympics which are due to start in Tokyo in a fortnight, we believe in you, in the same wavelength kenya will be hosting the world junior championships due to start very soon,our youths have learned a lot

from our seniors,we believe in you , this is your moment of reckoning ,this is your time to shine, be phenomenal, be relevant or be forgotten,let the spirit of team kenya continue to propel you to greater heights as you replicate what your seniors did in Tokyo olympics keep our flag flying high, remember Kenyan are ordinary people who do extra ordinary things , nothing is going to stop you,you are limitless, follow your dreams.


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  1. skylinerise says:

    Olympics are on and every country is putting their best. My country too did so well this time. I wish for every athlete that they might achieve what they want and hold high their countries 😊😊❀❀

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