COMING HOME.. It is exactly three months since I was last in the village, I came to town in the hope of picking up my life again where I left, due to unavoidable circumstances, fortunate or unfortunately it hasn’t worked out for me, the ground has shifted maybe I have more enemies now than before,but it doesn’t scare me alot, it makes me acknowledge that I need to be phenomenal for that is exactly who Iam, I have been prepared well and it’s high time that I took another path, make some valuable friends,start another chapter of my life,take the dragon by its horns and I believe it is,the best decision at the right time, I do not want to shift blames, I forever take my fall as my personal responsibility entirely the blame is on my shoulder,but I cast it aside what happened has happened,ican no longer live in the prison of my past I’m lucky that Iam alive, meaning Iam not done yet, I think Iam taking ownership of my own shortfall, it is my responsibility,I have a role to play a duty to perform, it hurts, it pains to the core but that is the truth,I’m going back to where my story began ,but this time Iam more focused and awake,I now know what to do and what not to do,what works and what doesn’t work,I think it is show time ,that I have to give back, channel that valuable experience that I have mastered over a decade, I’m fully aware that there is one voice ,one voice that I will always listen and appreciate,that lonely voice calling from within, constantly reminding that Iam not done yet ,better is on the way we live one day at a time. Life teachings are true, we cannot ignore the colours that it brings and stick to black and white,we have to differentiate between friends and our enemies, there are no good enemies,and bad enemies, especially when dealing with enemies of progress, how are we supposed to grow when we don’t have the freedom to explore on our own,why do we just work for the sake of working,doing that same thing, meeting the same people, talking about the same things ,it is a game , we help to execute someone’s dream,we are frustrated, we are not ourselves we have enslaved ourselves,we are scared to be on our own, we have been made to be dependant on someone for survival but not progress, something is wrong, there is a missing link in between, The world has been fair enough, from time immemorial,that it offers equal opportunities to all,we are offered with same equal time,but how much time do we waste by just talking over someone’s success,how much do we spend on mediocre arguments,leaving critical issues that are affecting us,I think we need to have the paradigm shift and move from that paradox,we must liberate our mind and use what we have acquired in our various fields to stimulate personal and self sufficiency,we must be ready to take a risk whatever the cost,the stakes will be high true, the results won’t come instantly but it is worthwhile let’s manage the way we use our time, time can be lost and again it can be redeemable, to be employed is risky, to be job less is risky,to have no family is risky, to be without is risky, to have money is risky, to be without is more risky,millions have lost their jobs, what is your fall out plan,what is your plan b,it is critical,that job is not guaranteed,things are changing fast,the world is moving, robots are replacing human manpower,pushing human beings out of business what is going to happen, the economies of scale are shifting, you need to keep up-to-date with what is happening,stop being ignorant,read something new, redirect your energy and time and read or do something new, something that gives you meaning, satisfaction,you always cry work is killing you but you are doing nothing about it it has been your favourite anthem, you are bored with your current job why are you still doing it,follow your dreams,follow your passion your own path,be ready ,willing to risk what the majority are scared doing something new, something out of this world, irrational,weird . Iam going home ,I have no capital but that is not going to stop me following chasing my dream, I want to mentor as many young upcoming leaders,in schools, colleges, churches, community mobilization,I want to hand over the button, someone gave it to me I should do the same, many young people have dreams and aspirations,many times we have ignored their cry for direction, assistance, yet whether we like it or we don’t they are the game changer,I want to stand counted I was part of this dynamic revolution in our industry, with people with a common goal and common values, it is possible,I want to share my experiences,my achievements ,I want to create a group of revolutionary thinkers, after i interrogated myself on a lengthly variety of issues I’m convinced that there is indeed an urgent need to bridge in the gaps of the haves and have-nots,I want to raise money to build a library in my community, I want to have a place where children can read, research,where there is internet,it is a crazy idea, but it is realistic,I’m going to do all that it takes,go out of my way to get this dream a reality,I want to be relevant,I want to leave this world better than I found it,I want to champion children education, this is what is very clear in my mind, I will use my influence, friends ,corporates and we’ll wishers to bring this big weird, irrational dream into a rationale reality and make sure we achieve that which is impossible,because impossible means, Iam possible.

Let us change the way our stories end.

In every given moment in time you have the power to say,this is not how my story will end,you didn’t choose how your life started,but now it is in your hands,what you choose to do or not to do right now will determine how it ends,you have only one choice,only one, never give up, remain focused, keep your eyes on that prize in the horizon, it’s not very clear but it is there.

I have not failed,I have just found out 10000 ways that won’t work.

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up,the most certain way to succeed is always to try ONE MORE TIME.

Thomas Alva Edinson.

The day you discover or come across this you will be elevated just as I was,,when you accept you are a fool and never ever,never fear failure but embrace it at all costs.


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