From time immemorial winners have come from losers who learnt the art of failing and substituted it with the winning mentality formulae, a formulae so simple but very difficult to implement. The best fish, most delicious is difficult and rare to catch,not any ordinary fisherman can catch this clever,intelligent fish,it needs skills resilience,time, discipline,and consistency,and research, ordinary fishermen settle for the normal fish that does not fetch a good income at the market, people are used to it,they opt to skip eating the normal fish and save and be willing to spend alittle more of that noble extra ordinary fish,on the contrary this fish too,is intelligent,very elusive,it separates itself from the rest ,it is unique,living in unique environment,and it’s only tough gifted fishermen risk getting to its territory. This principle similarly applies to real life,if you want to be unique,you must be ready to be unique from your approach for you to achieve maximum unique results.The biggest enemy of progress is fear, if you conquer fear then nothing else can stand on your way believe me, why do we want to always settle for less.To begin with the fear of yourself,learn to trust your own intuition no matter the circumstances nor the situation you are in, always have that positive mental attitude. Secondly for you to succeed you have to accept not to fear failing, not to fear trying but be ready to positively embrace your failures for in failure is where your strength begins.The third armour that many of us lack is personal discipline, remain focused consistent and core to your dream and goal in pursuit to excellence,do not listen to outside noise, this noise has been there and will always be there,and the outside forces are very aware , they are awake they will and have always discouraged many from chasing their dreams that would have otherwise contributed into shaping the world that we live in ,they will scare you ,they will kill your dream,and if you have a weak belief you will fall out of your way,and when you do that brace yourself for more trouble. When you develope your personal personal philosophy,you will face stiff challenges beginning with yourself,your mind won’t allow to adopt to something foreign,the change of patterns won’t be welcomed easily,there will be a tough resistance from within you and outside your circle of friends, it is only and until you get the rythemic day today embracing of changes and accepting the challenges that come with it,and many people give up at this point, it’s the break up point.Breaking away from something that has been so familiar with you for along time ,and suddenly changing and walking into an unfamiliar territory isn’t easy,it calls for willpower,sacrifice, discipline, courage, resilience and absolute rigour. There are alot of viable opportunities that are at your disposal, many that would change your life completely in a manner that you won’t believe,but there are a number of pertinent question that you need to get answers from within yourself, do you believe in you,are you willing to pay the price,are you ready to walk your own path,do you have the courage and determination to do what the ninty nine percent of people are scared of trying. Majority of us are talented,skilled and gifted,but there is a disease called procastination a disease caused by fear, they listen too much from the outside noise, they give you a list of failed people, close friends,or even relatives that tried and failed,in any case they did not fail it’s only that they did not follow the process, failure is an indicator that you did wrong so you must change the approach to be able to get better results, when you fail fail forward, it doesn’t mean you quit, quitting is not an alternative, nothing good comes easy, everything thing good is as a result of multiple failures,it is that persistence failure that makes you unique,some will call you irrational, insane,out of your mind,but the fact is you are on the right course for a greater reward awaiting you on the other side, but truth be told they human beings are jealous that is how life is anyway,don’t give them a chance,tough times don’t last but tough people do, move away from their noise listen to the noise inside you, listen to that little voice inside you you, feel that hunger for success,fight for it as you fighting for breath , fighting knowing that your tomorrow will be better than today. It doesn’t matter what situation ,it doesn’t matter the circumstances you are in,there is that uniqueness that you possess that no one else has,the world is watching waiting and ready to judge you,when you are gone what relevance do you leave behind,what will you want the people you love,the world to remember you for?

Unless you separate yourself from the crowd you will not be able to listen to yourself,every success is about separating yourself from the rest,flying high above all other birds like an eagle,high above the clouds,where there is no resistance whatsoever,and you can be be able to have a clear view, a picture that no one else sees but you alone, and then you can see clearly from that stand point, that everyone’s dream,every , goal is possible, because you see so many possibilities to chose from from that unique place strategically.


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  1. To God I give the glory,the impact might not be realised soon, but ism making a steady progress,ba journey of a thousand miles begins with that single step of faith.

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