Every chance in life has an end result.Right actions produces winners, when kenyans went to poll on august the ninth they exercised their democratic right as engraved in our constitution 2010, they elected leaders in various levels all the way to the president, now that aside by now we have winners and losers as some put it but according to me everyone won.

Kenya is bigger than any individual , words paint pictures what we say tells and show who we really are as a people ,i must congratulate all kenyans from all walks of life for maintaining peace throughout the entire process kudos well done kenyans we must clap for ourselves.Repetition is a mother of hearing and an architect , your past is not as important ,what is important is the way you see your future,your thinking today will determine your thoughts , and your thoughts will determine your destiny.

Failure is an event , it si not as important as you might view it, it’s not permanent.Your personal spirit cannot be broken.Intent matters alot , it can be malicious desire to please, you must differentiate between malice and mistake, remember content but disregard intent.Kenyans and Kenya has got a powerful place in the future , that is a power that no one else can deprive us of it.We have a power, a long unprecedented reach , always chose the best words as you can ,do not fail when a window of opportunity presents itself to you,challenge your words,speak truth to power, let your words work miracles for you.Turn on peoples lights ,help them see opportunities, make them realise their dreams..

It might be a bitter taste in our mouths ,but when do we call a lie a lie,and when do we call a lie a good lie or a bad lie, above everything else learn not to lie, why? lies carries with it a lot of burdens and it’s repercussion’s are detrimental afterwards .Protect and value truth at all times and at all costs.Most of us have lied one way or another ,we have lied about our age, our heights , what kind of jobs we do, lied about our marital status , where we attended school, lied about being busy , or stuck in traffic, it is our routine ,its normal to us ,we are accustomed to it, we want to treat a wrong a right and a right as wrong, it isn”t right , it”s saddening indeed.But above all odds let us embrace the truth without having to kill ourselves afterwards.

Telling the truth is not a guarantee that everything will work out , but truth will make you sleep well at night,there is nothing better like waking up in the morning holding in your hands the full measure of integrity.The hardest truth we fail to tell ourselves , where rejection to us has not found the right home , which could be true , but there is another truth that you need to tell yourself which might take longer to consider.It is difficult to tell ourselves truth about our failures ,our fragilities and our uncertainties , , it”s really hard to tell ourselves all these , maybe we haven”t had the opportunity to tell ourselves about our emotions , which maybe we feel it hurts more or better still just walk away , harboring too much within ourselves , yet when we do so we are very bitter of it.

Some of us have been elected as citizen leaders , immodesty form of modesty , one pertinent question that we should ask ourselves, who will be led if everyone wants to be leader, but whether we are being led or you are a leader , i urge you always to bend on the side of truth and to help you do this make literature your religion, which to say , you read widely, make the human story the centre for understanding of the world.Think of people as people not as obstacles ,not as obstructions that have to conform to bloodless logic, but to treat them as people who are fragile, imperfect with pride , that can be wounded and hearts that can be broken and hearts that can be touched.

Literature is me and i’m literature i don”t about you, we humans are a flawed , all of us are a flawed, but the good thing is that we are capable of endearing goodness, we do not need first to be right to be perfect before we can do that which is right, just not imperfect to perfect ,it is a process .By now we cannot say as kenyans we are not unfamiliar by speaking and telling the truth, when you voted for the new constitution dispensation 2010,when you protested the 2007 general election results, you were speaking about the truth and dignity, that everyone, every single of us deserves .I applaud all kenyans from all walks of life for maintaining peace and for speaking truth at all times, without truth and peace the stakes are usually high and the consequences are greater, let nothing silence you as kenyans from telling the truth, we have realised that telling the truth sometimes in politicised spaces , it is an act of courage , never set out to provoke for the sake of provoking ,but never silence yourself out of fear, the truth you speak might or will provoke but be courageous enough.

People can be remarkably resistance to the facts tahta they do not know and like , but don’t let that silence you from telling the truth, be courageous enough to acknowledge that even if there is no value in the position on the other side , but there is value in knowing what that position is, listen to the other side and stick to the reasonable side . Be courageous to acknowledge that democracy is always fragile and that justice has nothing to do with the political left or right,be courageous enough to recognize those things that get in the way of telling the truth, the empty cleverness, the morally bankrupt,irony, the desire to please, the deliberate ossification, the tendency to confuse cynism with sophistication, be courageous to accept that life is messy, life will not perfectly match your ideologies.Sometimes even your choices will not match your ideologies, do not justify and rationalize acknowledge it , because it is in trying to justify that we get into the twisting dark unending tunnels of lies that it is impossible to re- emerge whole.

Be courageous enough to say i don’t know , this might be harder to do to everyone , regarding you being successful or knowledgeable because you lied, but ignorance acknowledged is an open opportunity, but ignorance denied is a closed door, and it takes courage to admit to the truth of what you do not know.Kenya is a proud nation, weas a people , we boast a certain kind of power, we have to avoid the status quo, nurture that dissatisfaction ,act , get into the system and change the system, challenge the existing assumptions that have existed for ages.

We as kenyans must tell new stories , champion new story tellers , the truth here is that the universal does not belong to one group of people,it needs to be told well. Change our media , make it all about truth, not about entertainment , not about profit making , but about truth, and while you are doing it be astute about when you need balance and when you don”t, because sometimes seeking for balance gets in the way of telling the truth. Mary Oliver the poet said ” whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers to your imaginations”.




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