I refuse to be given second place,Iam a winner,winners come first,this is my time, this is my chance,winners defy all odds,it not easy to move from zero to one,but Iam getting there,Iam determined,Iam capable,Iam resilient Iam limitless,I will only stop when I see my name in the winners list

I will go over obstacles,I will listen,I will read,I will not be ignorant,Iam not going to take it easy anymore,I have to prove my mental toughness,my physical toughness,my emotional toughness,Iam a winner,I will not follow your path,I will create my own path, I will walk alone,walking in a crowd is risky, staying in your comfort zone is risky too,not having a dream is risky,fear is risky,going out is risky everything is risky,Iam willing to risk,Iam giving it my all,even if I don’t succeed let history judge me as someone who tried and failed,failing I will fail but to win I must Iam great,Iam the best version of me,there is no one better than me,Iam the very best there is Iam a winner,Iam irreplaceable,I’m your next new replacement ,you know what I won’t stop until the job is done, that is the winner mentality,I will do it ordinary,for ordinary Iam,but in an extra ordinary way.

I’m not going to listen to dream breakers, what statistics give are numbers,Im going to give myself me, I want to offer a solution but not be a baggage,I will stand up strong,for me, for those I love, for the friends that I care for,I will speak out for me, I will say it as it is, without fear of errors and omissions,I will be visible,I have no excuses,I have no apology to make,it is do or die,it’s either me against the world,or the world against me,I know you don’t want to listen to me,but you have to listen to me, because you haven’t heard from me,Iam the game changer,and this is my space,i celebrate each milestone,every achievement is a lesson,I’m creating the new me, with new structures,I’m tired of living in the prison of my past,I refuse to be given second place, i deserve the best , because Iam the best,Iam destined for greatness,Iam unique iam special this is my moment.

Everyone has room to grow,there is more knowledge to gain,more skills to perfect,we are never done with the education process,we are not done with learning,we are not , education is our path to wealth,I will forever eat mental food that others provide,I choose to open up my mind ,I have to defend my own,you have to change what goes into your mind,failure is an event it’s not a person,my failures do not define me,but what I do with the lessons learnt,how to navigate the storm,is what matters now,the clock it ticking my tomorrow is today,Iam not waiting for perfect,time,Iam not waiting for things to be better,I must make things to be better by doing what is hard,life is tough,I choose to be tough with myself, I will take no excuses,I will execute, success occurs only when opportunity meets action,you will have to make hard , difficult, weird choices,crazy choices,do you eat and pay later?or dont you pay and eat? I refuse to be the 97/💯 who lack direction yet they have plenty of wasted time,your presence is a present to the world, people’s opinions about you should not determine your destiny, choose now,and judge not .#Justfortoday.

The truth is today is the last day for the rest of your life,and the good news is you can use today to change someone, situation,thinking,and save a life.


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