Is it right or left

My mind’s has been drifting off lately, trying so hard to bridge the gap in between reality and falasy, this has made me to being cognisant to the ever fast changing world that we live in, someone challenged me this morning , I was really thrown adrift,it really made more of sense ,”it said if you are doing that which you are not happy with then stop it! Period.These words cut through me like the surgeon’s blade,it exposed me to my inner fears,fears that someone else saw in me and today was the best day, right time that he gifted me that long awaited approval that has been long overdue ,I will forever remain grateful.

Iam just a beginner in this vast field of writing, all Iam doing it trying to find my right footing,but then questions arise of varying degrees, some remain unwavering at the back of my mind, what happens then, if I’m indebpted to write with my left hand?what if I used both of my hands to write? but we’ll ,it continues to puzzle me further more because when you are typing either be it on on your laptop, iPad, your desktop,or your iPhone I almost forgot,pardon me, you use both hands interesting is it .

The eagerness of wanting to connect to the unknown has always been a centre of controversy in my mind, not to be ignorant, I have always read great stories, ,stories that have kept me glued to my seat,at times , I could get carried away, on a journey in wonderland, informative tabloids ,rich literature from different walks of life ,and I still do even today,but one Major thing that has kept cumulative and presenting
itself by and large in my inquest in reading, everywhere to-date,one thing that I’m proud of and I still admire most is the pros and cons, that ability to, weave words,intermarry them forming a formidable picture with words, the unique ability of sheer genius and tact, to totally submerge the reader into your realm of infinity, and all that is left is for you the writer to manipulate the reader, playing with him/ her just as you would play to a marrionate,just like in song and dance very captivating,it is a sight so relieving ,full of bewilderment ,in one a moment you are connected with the reader and anything that happens where you are in that state of mind, it’s sheer bliss, only ardent readers are better placed to expound on it for they know why?I have tried giving it a shot not once,twice, many times,any of those many times,I have tried but my despair has always persisted but Iam thankful that my rancour has always remained intact, all my trials have not been failures but I have been failing to start to try, maybe for fear of failure , I lost the answers today , so if you ask me why? I don’t know, I guess it’s obvious I have been all along been afraid of the unknown,I have been fearing failure yet failure hasn’t known me for the simplest fact I dared not tried and tested fear, to get to know how it feels to fail after trying.

I now understand pretty too well , that miracles aren’t miraculous, dreams are for the dreamers and success is for only those that have tried and failed only to learn not to keep on failing ,but the secret behind succeeding in failure,today is a new day, a new dawn, I just discovered that iam a miracle by myself, just discovered how Iam unique and different from you, realised that Iam extra ordinare , i must confess that I have been very keen with myself and various variants of valuable events that have been happening to me and in my life,they have never lied to me not in a single moment, but instead they provoked the sleeping beast in me, it has kept knocking inside of me ,requesting me,persuading me, looking for that small opening to whisper and say hallow to the world, someone amongst you did it for me I remain forever indebted to this special soul,from today going forward I will
keep the faith, to be patient, and keen listener to that inner voice carefully ,you are an answer to your many burging questions, if you have the ability to put off all your differences and decide to explore the universe,on your own moving into the unknown , the world opens up to you and presents its special medal to you with no demands, no, no doubt,and no ultimatums,finding your own new path, it doesn’t matter if it is the right or the wrong path, the fact that you tried you will always find your north and head the right path in your new north,the good news is that people will remember you for taking a step ,initiated that move, you chose your own unique path,today, the path that majority are afraid off, Iam relieved at peace with myself ,why then was I afraid in the first,what was it that was standing on my way ,what was I waiting for,yet the world has offered to me the maximum while i thought of doing away with the minimum,and all that was needed is to let go, I feel the new energy,the evolution and revolution of new power ,my thoughts and fears thrown to the world ,it excites me im challenged and stupid at the same time,but then now I’m confident than I was back then, that my story isn’t your story,your story isn’t his or her story,but instead it is my,your, our history ,and it is in this universality that I realise that is what has been lacking in the world a perfect ingredient to complete our menu made for us by us.

The simplest of people have offered themselves to the world, very simple workable solutions that have revolutionalised the world, changed it to what we witness today,when I read your my ,our stories I tend to connect I find the right footing,the power of freedom,the power of trust from you,the power of courage, I was once challenged that many at times we might brag of our wealth,our Education,our prowess in whatever field that we are in, but before it did happen someone inspired you,some phrase inspired you, someone’s kindness inspired you,there was some kind of uniqueness, something outside the normal that changed your life forever .

Today Iam more privileged than I would have ever imagined before, that in the face of our adversities , let’s not lose focus, as we continue in that spirit of togetherness, sharing our stories and opening up to one another into new limitless horizons, it’s all out of trust, we are more close to one another than before,our stories are more less similar,despite that they are in different forms and circumstances,but the fact remains ,we suffer the same consequences and the healing is the same,the unity of purpose amplified by the emotions, kindness and love that you show one another is mind boggling, it’s worth than riches and all that the world has to offer.

Every day when we wake up, we are in constant pursuit for the elusive intricate commodity in the name of peace, peace of mind ,peace in our working environment,peace in our marriage, peace in the world,there is nothing so soothing than being at peace with yourself it satisfies the soul.

Iam challenged today ,I hope I will challenge someone in equal measure,I have been taken back in a special place in time, when my dad and mum would share their stories to us,and stop and say, “today things have changed, I remember in my days, it wasn’t as it is today,and I want to remind us that our children wouldn’t want to be reminded, that famous phrase “back in my days” but instead there will be the perfect blue prints at their disposal engraved on it with peace, tranquility, kindness ,courage and hope in finding the right footing, leading as champions and keeping the conversation alive.

If you have comments don’t hesitate.#myyourourhistory.

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