I first saw it in the internet,a deadly virus has been reported in China, “China,yes China and it is fast spreading that was the news that the world wasn’t prepared for,it only send frightening waves, sending shivers across the divide, for a moment the world stood still, none seemed to understand what was going on, it became a concern ,a crisis to the world top on the agenda in every powerful global media houses tying the much they could to find what to tell the world, which already was looking for answers to already baffling questions and before the mystery could be unravelled it was all over the globe, yes the world had been hit,they say surprise is lethal and deadly it doesn’t respect even the most strongest of all, deaths, hopelessness, fear,anger and remorse all mixed with other forms of despair, the health sector overwhelmed, the numbers was staggering, something somewhere had gone terrible wrong and it required an emergency,yes the world needed an emergency!

Recent statistics from the Us, John Hopkins university hospital and the CDC to be precise ,say close to 4million people have lost their lives around the globe, statistically, not actual figures no one needs to be told that,this is catastrophic, this is bispeakable,it can only be compared to 1982,where more or less pandemic was documented of influenza flu and pneumonia, it’s indeed unfortunate that America is worst hit yet there are people opposed to vaccinations,they are anti pro vaccine terming themselves republicans against health, it so disheartening in the wake of a highly contiguous delta variant that is more transmissible , the entire nation and people of goodwill are indeed
struggling to scale up and save more lives as possible through vaccinations which is applaudible to the rapidly evolving covid menace in all honesty, the vaccines are readily available,they are free, three in number to be precise, they can save lifes and again save money,looking through data the trends are messy one is left to wonder which way now why do we want to put people’s lives before profit.

I love my Africa, always at crossroads,more often than not we have been succumbed and left to be victims of circumstances, we have been hit hardest, the outcomes cannot show as at now but everyone has reasons to be worried given the fact that we are faced with sharp low economic opportunities and as things stand now nothing to talk about, nothing concretely of promise. The art industry which depends largely on forums and numbers has been hit the worst ,many companies have closed down, millions havevlost employment those we refer to as bread winners the custodians of the families, parents have been forced to dig deeper into their pockets to keep their kids in school, the unfriendly GDP is escalating leaving us with no room, Les or no window of adjustment whatsoever ,the future is bleak it goes without saying, everyone has been left wondering, starring deep into nothingness, it’s only God’s grace that keep reassuring us day by day.

Looking at the background proceedings , the only thing we can predict is that we hope to see more light in the coming days in this dark period in our history,yes we are faced with our own significant desperities but from what we have gathered we can constitute it with much convictions, that it’s only for a season ,the conversation going forward should be, acceptance,unity ,courage and determination,rethinking and reworking out the best solution models to our needs is key, baring in mind that we have been tasted and indeed we were overwhelmed, having experienced what we have undergone, the impact forever remain embedded and embodied in the testimony of good friends we have lost, father’s, mother’s,sisters ,brothers ,leaders, million of families struggling to come into terms with this bitter reality, the reality of the monster Covid 19. It will be a lie to refuse and hid behind the curtain of truth, everyone has been affected, financially, physically, emotionally and mentally, what we are left with are visible scars of valuable people in our lives without which we cannot complete the dots, that is the bitter true reality of life, where do we go from here? We cannot continue pointing fingers but with courage and willpower we must rise up again, collectively, yes we are wounded,and it is, in our pains, that we embrace today with passion as much as desperate of who we are as a people on this planet earth, we have reasons to celebrate about one another as a global family ,it’s a new phase before we accept the new normal, another opportunity,a chance that we have been offered in life , for better is yet to come some day anyway, for we remain hopeful and determined, as okot p Bitek, in his poetry collection songs of lawino, ,”grass will grow”


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