Decision making is one of the greatest challenge that has kept human beings in a spin, over decades people had to come out with vital decisions, decisions that were crafted out of sheer courage and convictions,some of this were rare, vital profound valid decisions, they were not only good and timely but we’re solely embedded to be extra ordinary, decisions that have shaped our lives tremendously for it is manifested greatly in what we see and enjoy around us ,it was actually done out of self sacrifice, non partisan , personal person’s philosophy,non malicious,good faith,courage,determination, kindness and binding bond of love , on the contrary those people who also did extraordinary decisions but negative extra ordinary , irrational decisions that is,those which were done in a haste without outweighing the merits over demerits of the matter or the issues arising at hand. Many of those hasty rushy decisions have continued to haunt us until today, and we keep repeating the same old mistakes stuck to the same old habits, expecting different results which is still a dream to many and far from reality, more often than not we talk of change in our everyday pursuit to human happiness and excellence,but the truth is not so many of us embrace it when it comes as opposed to the latter,and that is how human beings have been designed anyway.

It takes courage in a the midst of our day to day adversities, in the face of challenges, varrying cultures and our own indecisions, majority of our youthful generation which comprises a huge chunk of our population are faced by one major fact, the fear factor, they are too afraid in to decision making, they are too naive and afraid to open to the world and embrace change, to open up to new challenges, afraid to take on new challenges, they fail to believe in their self worth,low self esteem, they don’t believe in themselves, secondly they have lost trust in those that they look upon as mentors those they should believe in, they are in a ferocious threatening period ,a period so demanding, they are constantly looking for recognition elsewhere, they want a sense of belonging,where they can find solace , where they can hide their pains and frustrations of life, there is alot of immense pressure coming from outside sources, the social media platforms taking centre stage away from their own domain which they vtoo are not familiar with, they are busy looking for recognition and forgetting that what they are doing is simply paving way to a looming danger that would otherwise turn on them in return , it’s a threat to their own existence and might explode sooner than expected, they are constantly creating their own ammunition that soon or later is going to backfire and nobody will love to be a witness of the bizarre consequences that comes with it. Desperate times call for desperate measures it is, I would want us to reach there even before time, though time is ticking away and we are fast approaching there, I would want us to believe and trust that we create some time, I would want to believe that all the stake holders will fight one common enemy , the enemy progress, we do not trust the systems that are in place so , how then do we get them to trust the system, how then do they get to trust themselves again into making informed decisions out of the abyss , that which is existing in place , we need a functional system that which has integrity, which leaves no room for assumptions anymore as it has always been the trend.

It’s high time that we stopped taking chances, we want to treat this thorny issues as normal matters and yet they are not normal anymore, the youthful folk must rise up on the occasion,the alarm has already gone off, they have to master the craft and weave into living in the present dot-com world,there are no excuses whatsoever, no blame games ,they must come together with one common purpose , one goal,they must speak one language a language courage and strong conviction, more than ever we realise that the world is being threatened by new never ending crisis and the older generation is banking more on them for solutions, it’s not a simple task as words may seem but it calls for a great sacrifice.

The world is watching and patiently waiting for where will you apportion blame next, the tides are violently changing, making us, want us to go into hiding,should we go into hiding? Certainly No! We must move with speed, the price will be well over above but the results will be satisfactory and worthy dying for. It is very unfortunate to note that we tend to believe a decision or buy into decisions that are not only second hand , but outdated, the social platforms have completely lured us to believe that we cannot decide on our own, prompting us into loosing sight of ourselves and acquiring a bad habit of dependency on other people’s decisions and making them look our own, it’s been a game of copy and paste,it goes without saying what happens when I use your decision to make my own ? The answer is Simple I end up being you,I want to act like you,dress like you,talk like you , do everything like you because I’m using what worked for you ,but the sad news is that,that person is not you ,I’m sorry, that is somebody else’s ideas and decisions that you weren’t factored in whatsoever,you are fighting a battle which is not yours and Futher more it’s a battle that you cannot win.

Life is challenging everywhere around the globe,it is in the face of this challenges that you have to formulate a mechanism that works for you, basing on what you choose or decisions you make, for obvious reasons they will spark a debate, people will talk behind your back,disapprove you, say all manner of disheartening harsh words, for the simple reason you decided to walk alone, you decided to walk your own path,decided to be different, when you decided to be extra ordinary in your decisions be ready to face equal opposition in same measure, but do not waiver maintain your focus, your choosing your life over anything else, but you too well, that this are assumptions, people’s opinions about you, but not your own personal opinion , and therefore they do not determine your destiny.

Your bold move scares them to death, they are scared that you are coming for their throne,scared because you are their new replacement ,they know your worth, that which you hold up, enormous privilege that comes by your decision, it’s boasts a certain kind of power,and that is the moment that for so long in your life you have been waiting for,the moment to change the you in you and change the world even if it’s a slice of it,your opportune moment has come seize it and run with it.

Majority of us look for courage from outside,yet the courage that we hold within us is tremendous if you ask me, it’s out of disatisification , by being not satisfied with yourself, that makes you prompted to act smart by stepping out of yourself made comfort zone into the systems reality called life,not for anything but to give your contribution by taking charge to change the system,thereby challenging the assumptions that have existed for ages,championing new stories and ideas, opening up your pain for purpose,knowing pretty too well that you are the game changer, you are the reason as to why? You will realize In that discipline moment, you create in you a new difinitive discipline that will attract other positive disciplines towards you,you move from being a liability to being an asset and that realisation hits you that every ones story is potentially universal all it needs is to be told well, people’s opinion about you is not the reality.

Your strongest point in life is when you decide to accept and embrace yourself, accept what God made you to be, it comes with a win from the onset so “this is me”and a true satisfaction starts to come into life slowly and steady and a different feeling comes into being ,and that is a new start a new life that is genuinely purposeful and true, and with it comes out your true purpose and a door of happiness.

Many of us have given up in life,or are planning to even give up now before even trying,if you decide to decide that is the most hardest , difficult and but simple thing that most of people do not want to do , just as the saying, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,it is something very spetacular that all the power that you have been looking for , you thought it is somewhere else, very far for a long time you have searched, struggled, yet it has been inside of you,the life we are facing now is not for the faint hearted, it’s not of those who are afraid of failing,it’s for those who are willing to fail, steady hands make the job done,move away if you can, avoid the enemies of the mind , be a team player, don’t be a pessimist,if the glass is half empty or half full that’s not difficult ,just believe the glass is half empty,be in charge of your own mind ,the glass is half empty and at the same time half full,be optimistic things will change and they will change,you can create time to create more money but you cannot use money to create more time so today is your time,in the face of,fear, defeat,despair, anger, hopelessness,lack of belonging and resentment, look right inside of you , there is a hero in you, look yourself in the mirror there is no one like you ,you are your own change,your own success,you are the reason as to why you are reading this article now, always know that, no one ever not your father,mother , brother, cousin, nephews and nieces ,your spouse will represent you better as you would represent yourself not ever, you are the very best version of yourself that is why you are you and not somebody else , that is why the world believes in you.As long as you are still alive there will be always someone above you but not you,somebody smarter than you,richer than you but there will never be another you apart from you.

The world is changing at an astonishing rate than never before,you must do whatever you have to to keep up with the amazing speed, there is so much information about everything readily available, but you have to choose wisely don’t be ignorant, don’t take things for granted,even the animals in the jungle have no a dietician yet they nourish and are healthy ,they choose not to consume everything, they choose not eat poisonous herbs, life is tough that is why you have what it takes,you have been endowed with that higher ability more than any being, the ability to change,think, create, influence, make peace,show love,show kindness , courage in times of loss, never take this for granted nothing is impossible, infact the word is a short form of I’m possible.

Life is a road map you ought to travel it and know places,life is a riddle you got to unravel out the riddle, life opens up new horizons but above all life is a challenge, a challenge which you are not immune either, it offers itself to you at its best, your either accept it to win over you, or you go for the challenge to win over it to the very end,you have a choice,when you make easy decisions be prepared for a tough difficult life,but when you make tough, difficult most outrageous decisions and work at them tirelessly, tirelessly as you want air to breath, life will be easy and open up to you to the very end.Today is the last day for the rest of your life,do not be scared it is indeed the last,because yesterday is gone, tomorrow hasn’t come but the future is uncertain so why not make the very best of today’s. It has never been too late until you are ready to die,it has never been too late to let go and find in yourself a new meaning it’s never too late to change your mind and walk away even though they will call you a coward it’s okey, it’s not too late to take a step in the right direction it’s never too late to take a chance and trust yourself ,so I urge us to take the chance and trust ourselves again now today, it’s the best day to start living how you want to ,not the way the world wants you to,today opens up once so make the best of it all and build the best of your tomorrow,you don’t know what you can be,you are what the world has been waiting for,the change that the world wants,the inspiration that has been long waited for,follow your heart it will set you free,leave your regrets and your past behind walk into the new horizons your new found path,enjoy the journey ,you wouldn’t want to miss what is in store waiting for you.

One fact that is evident is that,life is a struggle that keeps death at a distance,but it doesn’t mean we just give in that easily, we have to push back, statistics remind us of the millions over the world that have either died young,old or middle aged without achieving their dreams aspirations, some who never bothered to exploit their full potential,but on the same wavelength there are those who we still remember to date,for their best resounding recognition,the tenacity of modern world the true epitome ever,it goes without saying that the Wright brothers gave great contribution into flying and aircraft engineering to date Alexander Graham bell who invented the phone revolutionalised the world of communication to date, there is a theory I’m yet to find out that hello was his mistress I’m not certain about that on a lighter note,bill gates,with computer and microsoft Albert Einstein,Kurt Cobain,Martin Luther king Jr., Nelson Mandela,Abraham Lincoln,Jonh F Kennedy,Steve Jobs ,Barrack Obama………the list is endless, this people decided to decide and they relentlessly followed their dreams knowing too well, they were very particular and certain in their decision to succeed,in the face of adversity, prejudice,failure, they kept their faith and never lost focus ,you are not different either, you are unique,talented,you have all that it takes,what decision will you make today that you will be remembered for when you are gone.over time life has presented itself with options,you either go for the bitter option or the better option, baring in mind that whatever you choose there is a price you have to pay,some of us are lucky when things don’t work we are quick to judge we drop it and move on,let’s not cheat on our future with our past,you suffer most when you keep clinging to your past,when you hold on to resentment or seek revenge you are hit the hardest just decide to forget it won’t cost as much as holding to it always using is as your point of reference,your ego will lie to you that once everything is perfect,but your soul know the truth.

Life circumstances won’t be perfect but it takes courage,you have to be present in that moment,accept and get into the right space,by doing so you get yourself into understanding that nothing happens just like that everything happens for a reason,this will give you peace,by you affording to choose that which is right for you that in itself brings happiness to your soul, sometimes we are wrong ,we have a tendancy to believe that the rich,wealthy, famous,the creame la cream of society got there by default ,we think they are good in everything, they worked for it , don’t they look the most wonderful?they chose to do what the rest are not doing , they decided to be different, they chose to be extra ordinary,it is not that every circumstance is a miracle,but it is because you have to see the miracle in life itself,life offers to you everything for free, Albert Einstein once said,there are only two ways to live your life,one is as though nothing is a miracle and the other is as though everything is,I know which space belongs to me what about you? I want to encourage you to leave the darkness of your past for it doesn’t belong to you,instead focus on telling in the light of the future for that is where you belong.

Those who take responsibility for their life and are willing and determined to move on and put the past behind are much more likely to gain , freedom, success and happiness,of course life won’t be a bed of roses you will encounter adversities,you will find people who will hurt you and cause terrible pain,learn to accept, it’s a done deal, always focus on getting back the power that they have robbed you, clinging to it what happened to you makes you suffer more long after they have gone, remember who wins when you keep blaming them? Who wins when you move on and forget about them? Arise take back your power, blame them ,yes for what they have done,but do not blame them for what they have not done, bless them for making you stronger,for making you better,thank them for showing you exactly what you didn’t want,you can blame the world ,why it brought them into your life but be forever grateful for the lessons learnt those are your strengths,the pillars to your strong foundation for you truly decided to decide .

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