Whenever the word racism is mentioned anywhere it steals away my passion it makes my heart sink,it’s for this, simple reason that my Father and mother were victims,who suffered silently, they were racially abused in their own land,yet they offered their services working for the white settlers, that was the discription that they gave themseleves, and every one was made to believe, they were more superior than us.You might wonder and ask yourself where exactly I’m i coming from,it has taken me long enough, some equall amount of time to contemplate the whole scenario, what has been going on is urgly for lack of a better word , this very disgusting, mean, unfair and reckless comments coming from people who want us to believe in them No! all over the social media platforms, racism has been trending No1, this is absurd, unacceptable,this comes in the wake of a brave loss in the finals of the Euro cup last Sunday pitting the England national soccer team , the three lions against the” Azzuri” the Italian national team, everything went on well,each one showing the spirit of sportsmanship,I must congratulate our Italian brothers for showing exemplary discipline ever,England lost lost, which was honourably accepted. After a one all draw in normal and extra time the Italian emerged victorious on post match penalties, and eventually declared winners of Euro 2020 – 21.

This was no mean achievement for England, baring in mind the challenges caused by the covid 19 pandemic, coming all the way outclassed some of the biggest nations in soccer history,indeed they deserved a part on the back.Every one is entitled to his or her own judgement, but once you go overboard and judge too harshly without decoram and non sensible it grieves the concerned party.In every day living ,only the best are to be honoured,best student are honoured, the best army unit is send to defend the country, the best teachers teach our children,the best leaders are entitled to leadership roles, why ? it’s simple and clear they
qualify for ,they have all the credentials, in other words they either meet or surpass the requirements, therefore making them suitable for those positions beyond any reasonable doubt,they have an advantage above the rest they are extra ordinary in every aspect ,they are unique.

Racism is a cancer of heredity if you ask me ,its deeply rooted in us,let us jog our mind abit and go back into history, it dates back into the year 1936 ,An american Athelete by the name James cleveland”,Jesse Owens “broke four world records in the Berlin olympics in Germany,100m,200m,the long jump ,which stayed unbroken for 25 yrs and the 4 by 100 relay, four gold medals in a single olympic in the Neo nazi regime, surprising to many Adolf hitler couldn’t stomach this great achievement from the black person ,he refused to honour him,but word has it that Hitler met Jesse afterwards, during the this Olympic the USA won 11 medals,four from this man, back at home after his return, it was a cold reception none seemed to acknowledge this heroe ,the then US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt refused to meet Jesse owens, it was not until 1976 that he was feted by a Freedom medal,just because he was black.

Most of you must be bored by now but hold on alittle bit , the gist here is here,here is where my Bone of contention arises ,when the three masketeers, allow me to paraphrase it that way today to be able to get a more clarity on the subject, that is Jesse Lingard, Jardon Sancho and bukayo saka ,got a call up for national duty , they had met the threshold, they were the best out of the best, they made it into the national soccer team out of merit, the whole technical bench was satisfied, and on that dreadful night that duty called and they had to step up to the task, the England Manager Gareth Southgate had trust in them because they were his best point men and he trusted them, but as nature would have it luck wasn’t on their side ,they lost their spotkicks and England lost and Italy triumphed , whichever way you look at it everyone was a winner.

It is so outrageous for haters to come out with verbal attacks on the three masketeers suffering abuse just by being black, who by the way should be celebrated, they are heroes in their own rights, yes, they were worthy contenders, and i would humbly request that the Guiness book of records should document that for future reference,i strongly condemn those racism comments in the strongest terms possible,that was an act of cowardice, malice and unfathomable in nature,they deserve honour and respect like any other human being,lets not always be one sided,the same folks who are racially abusing our heroes could be saying and writing a totally different script altogether, it England would have won, believe you me all the top tabloids led by the Sun, England break the jinx the Daily mirror,The genius in black magic for England, the Daily mail to the daily telegraph ,all would have headlines pampered with sweet mouth watering words of praises ,but look at it now where are they? All i know and I’m convinced of my intuition is that i belong to the other side,not the unreasonable side, but the other reasonable side,their captain and leader Harry Kane showed his solidarity, thanks so much buddy for coming out strong and condemning that awful incident and defending the three maketeers,the same sentiments were echoed by the England Manager Gareth southgate , kudos!

Life will not give you everything that you want, sometimes we lose so that we can win tomorrow by simply accepting our failures weakpoints , we live to fight another day,more often than not ,the best team always wins,for the three masketeers this is your time to shine,make the world know that you are like refined gold,you have passed through the fire,you have passed the test, the positive message is, and always remember this”iam a black sheep segregated,prejudiced and looked down upon without sympathy ,white i was in the beginning but black iam in the ending, look ! another white sheep might be them ,looking for that black tint,down so deep and get tainted up to the tip.When you mix all the colours you get black,when africa was colonised just after the scramble it was called the Dark continent, when some who were exploring the dark continent died mysteriously we were blamed for black magic,but over and above black is magic,talk of magic Johnson,Michael Jordan, black is power talk of Mohammed Ali,talk of Mike Iron Tyson,black is speed talk of Carl lewis,Jesse Owens,black is a gift the Carson brothers, first successful brain surgery of conjoined twins,talk about talent, talk of Jesse Lingard,talk of Jardon sancho ,talk of Bukayo Saka talk of black beauty talk of Naomi Cambell,Alek wek from sudan,talk about accolades ,talk of lupita nyongo from Kenya with an oscar,talk about leadership in high office on the land talk of Barak Obama first black president of the USA kenyan American descent……….. the list is endless.

At the end of the day nobody chose to be born where we were born,lets not label others because of our skin colour,i know at times the words are heavy, but inspite of everything, let them not bring you down, let the words not dim your light ,let not what they say to us define who we are, nothing lasts forever.


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